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Relative clauses: Consolidation 1 - Sentences for your grammar! - Useful Language
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Listen! Listen external link to this episode at the Talking People Podcast. It's the audio answers to the translation exercise called "Clauses 5" on Functional Grammar

Relative Clauses - Drilling

    1. The keys you left on the table
    2. The book you left on the TV set
    3. The girl you were talking to
    4. The man who is wearing the black trousers
    5. The trip we made
    6. The hotel we stayed in/at / The hotel where we stayed
    7. The people we stayed with
    8. The movie we saw the other day
    9. The book I lent you / The book you borrowed from me
    10. The people we met at the party
    11. The course I signed up for
    12. The course I'm doing
    13. The sweater John gave you / The sweater you got from John
    14. The umbrella I lost
    15. The picture you were looking at
    16. The exam we did / took – teachers: The exam we gave
    17. The woman you met last year
    18. The books I bought (for myself)
    19. The keys I lost
    20. The bill they did not pay
    21. The homework you didn't do
    22. The things we never said (to each other)
    23. The place I was born in / The place where I was born
    24. They year we met / The year when we met
    25. The summer we spent together
    26. The time we were/spent in the mountain
    27. The places we usually go to / The places where we usually hang out
    28. The bar where I usually have breakfast / The bar I usualy have breakfast in
    29. The earphones that don't work / The earphones which are not working
    30. The watch you had/got fixed / repaired / mended
    31. The trip you are going to make
    32. The places you will visit
    33. The lessons you missed
    34. The books I've read (so far) / I read /red/
    35.  The songs I've heard in my life / The songs I've listened to in my lifetime
    36. The scarf I lost
    37. The train I got
    38. The subjects you've passed (so far) / you passed
    39. The jokes he tells
    40. The stories she tells
    41. The things/stuff we eat
    42. The drinks we had
    43. The exercise we did the other day
    44. The girl with the red hair
    45.  The girl (who is) wearing glasses
    46. The man (who is) wearing a purple coat
    47. The man with a beard
    48. The train/wagon which is packed / crowded
    49. The film you enjoyed so much / The movie you liked so much
    50. The fright I got