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Relative Clauses: Intro 1 - Sentences for your grammar! - Useful Language
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who / that

  • My friend is the girl who/that is sitting on the bench
  • My friend is the boy who/that is holding the books
  • This is the teacher who/that teaches fifth grade
  • This is the student who/that lives in Málaga
  • The woman who/that is wearing a black dress is Silvia's mum
  • The man who/that is talking with Peter is my dad
  • Obama, who* was born in Hawai, is now the president of the USA (*no other option possible)

which / that

  • The book which/that is on the desk is mine
  • The animal which/that got run over by a car is dead
  • The food which/that is on the table is for the baby
  • Madrid, which* was/used to be a welcoming city, is now overcrowded and full of vehicles! (*no other option possible)


  • That's the girl whose name is Eloísa
  • That's the boy whose parents live in Denver
  • That's the car whose owner got arrested
  • That's the dog whose owner died last week
  • Don Quixote was born in a village whose name I do not recall!
  • [Whose is this? It's mine! / It's María's]
  • [Whose is NOT Who's = Who is it? / Who's]


  • That's (the place) where my grandmother was born
  • That's (the hotel) where we stayed


  • That's (the day) when my grandfather was born
  • That's (the day) when my friend had surgery