Elementary. Present. Nationalities, countries and languages 2

ElementaryI made some mistakes: People FROM, not IN. “In” is OK, but “from” is more accurate (“in” vale, pero “from” es más preciso). The list of countries is not complete. The world is full of countries and peoples (pueblos)!

People = personas, gente; Peoples = pueblos

Read the transcript.


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  • Rosa Cassani

    Helo Michelle!
    People form Armenia are Armenians and they speak Armenian.
    Is it OK?(Can you say “It’s Ok?)
    Thank you

    Comment | 23/10/2015
  • Rosa Cassani

    i’m sorry! It’s Hello…

    Comment | 23/10/2015
  • Hello, rosa!
    Wonderful English!
    Yes, everything is right! Thanks so much for this contribution!
    See you soon!! 😀

    Comment | 27/10/2015

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