Stories. My Mum, the Circus & Family Adventures!

Going to this webpage on Your Stuff! > Your Texts > Stories, you will find the transcript, too. It includes a page with Useful Language and links to get more Useful Language on various topics!

Stories. House of Light & Shadow, by Nicholas Gage

In February 2008, CPG, a fifth year student studying at EOI Goya, gave me a little present – The New York Times Magazine, the 15th of Jan issue, 2006, which is where I found this story. I didn’t know the author, and it’s been a pleasure reading it. I like the story because it includes … Continue reading Stories. House of Light & Shadow, by Nicholas Gage

Stories. There’s a Man in the Habit of Hitting Me on the Head with an Umbrella, by Fernando Sorrentino

Read the story (for intermediate students, there is an abridged version – by me!). More: Fernando Sorrentino’s website. We found this story at this site: East of Web. Listen to this story, as it was translated by Clark M. Zlotchew into English.