Stories. House of Light & Shadow, by Nicholas Gage

In February 2008, CPG, a fifth year student studying at EOI Goya, gave me a little present – The New York Times Magazine, the 15th of Jan issue, 2006, which is where I found this story. I didn’t know the author, and it’s been a pleasure reading it. I like the story because it includes … Continue reading Stories. House of Light & Shadow, by Nicholas Gage

Stories. There’s a Man in the Habit of Hitting Me on the Head with an Umbrella, by Fernando Sorrentino

Read the story (for intermediate students, there is an abridged version – by me!). More: Fernando Sorrentino’s website. We found this story at this site: East of Web. Listen to this story, as it was translated by Clark M. Zlotchew into English.

Stories. The Debutante, by Leonora Carrington

Half of this audio is me talking about the writer Leonora Carrington first, a Surrealist artist (painter and writer, trilingual! She does/did that in English, French and Spanish!) and then comes her story “The Debutante,” so you can listen to it in two 5-minute sessions! More on Leonora Carrington at Talking People (Literature).