Poems. Mina Loy’s “There is no Life or Death”

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People. What can we learn from Virginia Woolf?

Download the AntiExam Pack: Virginia Woolf, the Spring Practice Test Pack for Elementary (Básico 1). Use this episode to prepare a monologue on Virginia Woolf.

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Poems. “Dear Webster” by Connie Fife (Cree/Mohawk)

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Books. Recommended Action, by the Story of Stuff Project

captura-de-pantalla-2016-11-29-a-las-00-09-39Here is my reading of Appendix 2 in the essay Story of Stuff, by Annie Leonard. You can get this book, and also watch and download for free the 20-minute documentary you’ll find at storyofstuff.org! Thanks, Annie, for sharing your outstanding work! Let’s help rescue the planet, our sweet home, from destructive human action!

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Stories. Traveling, the Forging of a Teacher, by michelle

portada2015ebookFrom our first ebook, “Stories from My Teacher. On the English Language, Lifelong Learning and Our r-evoLution“!

Free ebook download here (also pdf version).


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Books. Language Myths (8, Children Can’t Speak…)

langmythMore audios from books


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Books. Are Prisons Obsolete? by Angela Davis (ch. 4)

How Gender Structures the Prison System (it’s 56 minutes! It took me a whole Sunday from start to finish, so I hope you can use it to learn lots! To expand and compare what you learned from Piper Kerman’s memoir, to go beyond, further, deeper in! <3

Check out Angela Davis’s page at talking people.net

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Books. Language is Powerful. Metaphors we live by: Argument Is War

Read the transcript at Michelle’s Projects for English Learners!


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