03. The TP Travel Phrasebook: Tourist Getting Somewhere (Tourist Info & Directions)

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Useful Language. Writing. Email to Teacher Apologizing for Absence. All Levels (A2-C1)!

WritingFind the transcript here (path: talkingpeople.net – Enter – Skills – Writing – Letter-writing) Scroll down to Apologies. It’s 2 pdf pages, with notes I don’t read.

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Books. Recommended Action, by the Story of Stuff Project

captura-de-pantalla-2016-11-29-a-las-00-09-39Here is my reading of Appendix 2 in the essay Story of Stuff, by Annie Leonard. You can get this book, and also watch and download for free the 20-minute documentary you’ll find at storyofstuff.org! Thanks, Annie, for sharing your outstanding work! Let’s help rescue the planet, our sweet home, from destructive human action!

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Elementary. Present. Nationalities, countries and languages 2

ElementaryI made some mistakes: People FROM, not IN. “In” is OK, but “from” is more accurate (“in” vale, pero “from” es más preciso). The list of countries is not complete. The world is full of countries and peoples (pueblos)!

People = personas, gente; Peoples = pueblos

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