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C1 Resource Pack

Download this key methodological work of mine and read it. We will be using this kind of learning throughout the year.


Some Course Materials


  1. Descargar C1 Resource Pack https://talkingpeople.net/tp/ra/c1/c1resourcepack/c1pack.htm
  2. The TP Podcast: https://www.talkingpeople.net/tppodcast/
  3. Youtube Channels: https://youtu.be/UwoYm1aDcDU and https://www.youtube.com/user/efllearnersspeaking
    (C1 playlist)
  4. Travers's Mary Poppins audiobook: http://esl-bits.net/Novellas.for.ESL.Students/Poppins/contenu.html
  5. Blog Language Learning from Reading: https://languagelearningfromreading.wordpress.com/
  6. TP eCampus https://www.talkingpeople.net/ecampus/ Sign in & subscribe to C1.1B
Developing the Habits of a Lifelong Learner of English

In your first year of Advanced English Learning, the main objective is to learn to learn at the Advanced level, so you can become and independent and resourceful lifelong learner of English once you are on your own!

Of course, this entails, and involves, developing your advanced level in the use of English, in terms of use of grammar and the world of texts, of communicative strategies, learning strategies and sociocultural knowledge.


Progress is a process where you are key. The teacher's role is that of support and guidance, based on your needs and work.

You all have to develop your self-assessment skills, and that is learned also while learning to assess others and our work in the context of the group. Assessing is not judging and condemning. It is just learning where we are, so we can make decisions of where to head, what to do, and how to help others, and cooperate. There is a lot to learn and think and talk about in this respect. A lot for you to discover about a whole world we are missing. You should develop curiosity about teamwork and respect for diversity. Amazing things happen when people respect each other and their differences!


You should browse and read the C1 Resource Pack to learn to work during the course, the sooner the better, and bring. your questions and examples of work to class to share.

You will have different checklists you need at hand. (Find them in Documents > Evaluación Continua)

You will be working with the lists you create yourself too

Your notebook will include



In the first year of the two-year course for Advanced learning we use Ongoing Assessment which means feedback is complex and continuous and comes from:

Level testing does not happen in any form of exercise till spring, and it is not used for deciding on promotion, for that is decided in a more complex and informed manner.

For now what you need to know is

Learning Information: