Welcome to our Básico 2 (A2 in the CEFR) course!

Ver foros y para 2a parte en enero... es decir, hecho ya el super repaso de toda la gramática de Básico 1 en audios de audioweb, 


If you wish to help me create new episodes for Básico 2, here is a list you can use. Post it on the forum! Or send it to me, if you are shy.

(Your name') Story.
Start with "This happened .... .... ago."
Using the pasts

Describing someone you love
Monologue or dialogue

Describing your fav picture
(Photo or painting)
People, places, things, events...
Monologue or dialogue

My Shopping Habits

Shopping for presents

Describing my fav place

Interesting cities, beautiful towns

Future plans and dreams
Conversation among friends of different ages

One day at work!

Seeking advice

Loving animals!



At the airport

At the Pharmacy

At the doctor's

At the Newsagent's

At the Mall

Having a meal with a date