Useful Language. Indirect Questions 1

Listen and repeat the following sentences to improve your fluency and accuracy. Notice that the subject comes first in the indirect question. Post your questions on the thread of this episode at

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Stories. A Perfect Day for Bananafish, by JD Salinger

JD Salinger, happyIf you don’t know J.D. Salinger, listen to this story.
It’s a good way to start – it records a key moment in his life and to understand his work. If you already know him, and enjoy his literature, you’ll love this story. It’s lifelike – daily, undaily, warm and softly funny, very sweet, endlessly sad and tragic.

Check out the Talking People webpage for Salinger.

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Useful Language. Banks & Money 1

Sorry for taking so long to post again.
We’ll be posting new episodes and sometimes the old episodes again, to get them to this new site. We haven’t found a better way!
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