Useful Language. For Primary Teachers 01

Me!Sentences sent in by Belén (Intermediate 1, 2007-08) & completed by YT
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Stories. House of Light & Shadow, by Nicholas Gage

Nicholas GageIn February 2008, CPG, a fifth year student studying at EOI Goya, gave me a little present – The New York Times Magazine, the 15th of Jan issue, 2006, which is where I found this story. I didn’t know the author, and it’s been a pleasure reading it. I like the story because it includes childhood memories, dreams, a house in an open landscape, which I imagine very beautiful because it’s in Greece, and it also includes thoughts and feelings you get throughout your life, as you grow older. I hope this inspires you to write about your own childhood memories, so you can practice using the past tenses, including the modals! You could just write short 150-word pieces, and send them in for publication! (Check out the TP section Your Stuff!)
So, here it goes. Enjoy! And… Read the story!

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Poems. To be or not to be, by William Shakespeare


William ShakespeareWelcome to the TP Podcast!
This time I’m going to read one of the most human poems ever written, a poem that can be understood even if we don’t share the same its author’s time space and culture. I’ll read Shakespeare’s “To be or not to be” in Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Then I’ll tell you my pacifist version of the first five lines, which was what I declared when I was arrested after taking Direct Nonviolent Action (DNVA) at Greenham Common in 1990. (I have to add here that the Sergeant was quite enthusiastic about my statement. I was released about half an hour later!)
Read “To be or not to be”. Here is the pacifist version, also in Spanish.
Here is the Talking People webpage devoted to Shakespeare, who we love!
If you’ve never thought about what the to be or not to be question is, I suggest you think about it now, and if you can, discuss it with more people – you will be surprised.
Thank you for listening and have a nice day!
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Stories. There’s a Man in the Habit of Hitting Me on the Head with an Umbrella, by Fernando Sorrentino

Fernando SorrentinoRead the story (for intermediate students, there is an abridged version – by me!).
More: Fernando Sorrentino’s website. We found this story at this site: East of Web.
Listen to this story, as it was translated by Clark M. Zlotchew into English.

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Everyday Language 002

Second episode of language we fin on TV series! — a more everyday kind of language than that in textbooks.

Post the language you learn on the TP Forums here! Thanks!

Read the sentences in this audio.

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Books. The Demon Lover (2 excerpts ch. 1)

Robin MorganThe Demon Lover. On the Sexuality of Terrorism, by Robin Morgan (1989). A Food for Thought text, with comments on what feminism is by your host.

Check out the TP page where you will find these excerpts.

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Elementary. Present. The Time and Dates 2

Read the sentences here.
Listen and repeat by clicking below. You can also download this episode, supposing you don’t want to subscribe.

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Special Episodes. March 8 – Thanks so much, dear feminists!

Feminists, we need you!Read the transcript.

Happy March 8, International Women’s Day!


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Elementary. Past. Talking about your winter holidays

This audio includes some language tips, too: on the uses of “will” and the good context for practicing comparatives here, the use of the present perfect + “ever” in the UK and of the past simple + “ever” in the USA, plus a language note, on the use of How …? &What … like?

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Stories. A Telephone Call, by Dorothy Parker

Dorothy ParkerRead the story and learn about how to exploit literature to keep learning the language!


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Useful Language. Saying You’re Sorry

This audio includes “sorry” sentences you can use in conversations and in notes and letters/emails. It also includes some language comments, like the comment about the three different “that” words you can find!

Read the sentences in this episode. More: Apologies Accepted at TP and some sorry letters at the TP Writing section.

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Elementary. Present. Questions-n-Answers 1

Read the transcript
Listen and repeat! Imitate the pronunciation!


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