Stories. House of Light & Shadow, by Nicholas Gage

Nicholas GageIn February 2008, CPG, a fifth year student studying at EOI Goya, gave me a little present – The New York Times Magazine, the 15th of Jan issue, 2006, which is where I found this story. I didn’t know the author, and it’s been a pleasure reading it. I like the story because it includes childhood memories, dreams, a house in an open landscape, which I imagine very beautiful because it’s in Greece, and it also includes thoughts and feelings you get throughout your life, as you grow older. I hope this inspires you to write about your own childhood memories, so you can practice using the past tenses, including the modals! You could just write short 150-word pieces, and send them in for publication! (Check out the TP section Your Stuff!)
So, here it goes. Enjoy! And… Read the story!

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