Useful Language. Communicative Strategies Part 1

This episode is devoted to communicative strategies, fluency and correction in conversations. Sentences are taken from the TP section called “Useful Language – Conversations”. We will deal with all of this parting from the different language functions we need to perform while communicating, such as clarifying and the like. This episode is divided into 3 parts.
Read Part 1. Asking for Clarification and Getting More Information, Checking for Comprehension
If you’re interested in improving your ability to discuss ideas with people who do not think like you do, please check out this TP website section: Speaking – Discussions. It is true we cannot do much when people refuse to listen or insist in interpreting we’re hurting them with our words, especially when these are critical thinking. We cannot do much in what does not depend on us. But we can try to develop a constructive attitude and approach to discussions, and also some useful skills. These notes are based on workshops on problem-solving, negotiation and nonviolent communication, and on the application of their contents in communicative language lessons.
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