Elementary. Q&A on Routines for Conversations (part 2, 3rd p. sing.)

The worksheet with lots of questions is on this page (scroll down!)

And here is the audio (part 2 – Questions with “he/she”)

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Elementary/Pre-intermediate. Today! (2) My Day Today 2.1

Read the transcript (2.1 and 2.2 in it)


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Elementary. Present. The Time and Dates 2

Read the sentences here.
Listen and repeat by clicking below. You can also download this episode, supposing you don’t want to subscribe.

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Useful Language. Saying You’re Sorry

This audio includes “sorry” sentences you can use in conversations and in notes and letters/emails. It also includes some language comments, like the comment about the three different “that” words you can find!

Read the sentences in this episode. More: Apologies Accepted at TP and some sorry letters at the TP Writing section.

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Elementary. Present. Nationalities, countries and languages 1

Read the sentences.
Listen to the sentences!


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Elementary. Present. Days-n-dates 1

Read the transcript
Listen and repeat by clicking the arrow below. You can also download this episode!


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Useful Language. Making requests 01

Read the sentences
It includes drilling with indirect questions, too. More on indirect questions here.


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Elementary. Modals. Invitations. Would you like…?

This episode for Elementary (Básico) students includes some oral drilling so you can listen and repeat, and learn useful sentences, and then an explanation of the difference between “Would you like …?” and “Do you like…?” There is no transcript of this episode but if you need it, post your request at the Talking People Podcast!

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Useful Language. Indirect Questions 1

Listen and repeat the following sentences to improve your fluency and accuracy. Notice that the subject comes first in the indirect question. Post your questions on the thread of this episode at http://www.talkingpeople.net/tppodcast/

Transcript at Talking People

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