Useful Language. Banks & Money 1

Sorry for taking so long to post again.
We’ll be posting new episodes and sometimes the old episodes again, to get them to this new site. We haven’t found a better way!
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5 thoughts on “Useful Language. Banks & Money 1”

  1. Dear Vera, just read your comment now! Kind of late!! hahaha… Well, nice reading you! Hope you’re doing fine and enjoying your new life as a language learner! 😀

  2. Hi Michelle,
    I hope you are well. I almost finish to read “Alexis’s Diary”, which is worthy it.
    I learnt that we can do what I decided to do if we really want to and work hard to, as well.
    I think I will have finished to read it by tomorrow, therefore, it will interesting to make some comment about in class.
    See you

  3. Hey, by the way, if you wish to get your own avatar here too, I can explain how to do that, so you don’t get the automaticly-generated avatar (that green monster you got).

  4. Of course, dearest Ana!!! And thanks so much for the feedback. It’s really encouraging! 🙂 BIG HUG

  5. This is just to congratulate you on this wonderful episode! May I use it with my NA2 students? Biggest hug!

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