5 thoughts on “Elementary. Past. Biographies”

  1. Great bio! Thanks for sharing! María, I’m happy to hear from you too!

  2. Yes, María! It is! Great to hear from you again, dear María! I have sweet memories of our time together in Madrid! We must meet again one day!

    Dear Isidro, thanks so much for your kind words! I hope so too! That’s the best present efforts can get, right? 😉

    Big hugs!

  3. I have found the story as interesting as the first time you told me it. It was many time ago when I was in your English class but it seems to me very beautiful and interesting life.I,ve seen also the picture in which there is a hyena; perhaps it could be the hyena of “The Debutant” don´t you think?

  4. I’ve found it extremely interesting and your sweet,soft voice makes it even more interesting.

    Thanks a million. I do hope my students use your materials.



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