Elementary. Past. Talking about your winter holidays

This audio includes some language tips, too: on the uses of “will” and the good context for practicing comparatives here, the use of the present perfect + “ever” in the UK and of the past simple + “ever” in the USA, plus a language note, on the use of How …? &What … like?

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4 thoughts on “Elementary. Past. Talking about your winter holidays”

  1. thank you so much ,it is perfect!
    i was just wondering what to say.

  2. Dear Rosangela!
    Thanks so much for your feedback! It’s very kind of you to let me know it’ll be useful for your students and very interesting for me to know the kind of things that are!
    Warm greetings from Spain! <3

  3. I found this writing on talking about holidays very interesting. It will be of great help for my Italian students thanks to all the examples given. Thank you.

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