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SPRING 2008. Comments by Students, sent to the Reading Club thread entitled April 25 - Amazing - Congratulations! External Link

An evening in white (Photos)
by María de la Iglesia Mata (4ºA)

Everything is ready: the cake is still here, the flowers look nice, the catering boys are still dressed in their neat blue uniforms, candles on the tables, Anne Catherick is putting on her making-up and elegant teachers are looking after the last details, organizing the ushers in white, which has finally been a really good idea. All smells well.  We only have to wait, we don't have to be nervous. All is going to be perfect.

Someone says that Álvaro Pombo is coming! At last I am going to meet him. Will he be as I have imagined? I hope so. All right, he has finally arrived and now is in a class, with his cousins, who also are the aunts of our twin teachers, where I don't know very well what they are doing...

However, I have to stay here until the Ambassador arrives. The Bandit External Link in white has crossed the street to open the door of the Ambassador's car. It is said that going out elegantly is neccessary, and it is true. Oh, my God! Where are Marta, Carmen and the headteacher? If they don't come now I will have to welcome her: "Good evening", I am saying, "pleased to meet you". She is very nice! She answers: "pleased to meet you too" smiling. "Well", I thought, "she is a really nice woman".

"Come on Claudia", I say, "our must here is done, we have to move now to the main hall".

Anne Catherick looks nice! She has given the flowers to the Ambassador who is impressed! Everything progresses well...

All of us look at the big table where Pombo, Dámaso López, Patrón and the Ambassador are seated. Marta and the headteacher have spoken and then it is Dámaso and the Ambassador who give us some words: it is the moment of giving the prizes. Who will win? I am seated near Susan and we are saying that it is very hot when, suddenly, I can't believe it, is it my name that has just been pronounced? I've just won the first prize!

Pombo, in "his age group", is getting up to make us laugh. He is telling a funny story... He is as I had imagined. (I realize I'm enjoying myself, though I am still shocked). Well, after listening to Pombo's lecture I like Prufrock External Link more. I am hearing T. S. Eliot reciting his own poem, but I like more to look at Pombo, how well he has prepared his lecture, he seems to feel comfortable among us, in fact, he said so. Could it be better? Everybody applauds and wants to go outside, to our courtyard, to eat. (I remember I haven't eaten today! I'm hungry). I just manage to eat something quickly with Noemi and Susan because Carmen has grabbed me by my arm to meet the Ambassador: "She is the winner!". "Congratulations", she says, very nicely. "How is the project?", she asks. "Our project hangs on that board! This is our blog External Link!"

The Bandit in white amazes Pombo, who is delighted with him, no wonder. But I have to obtain his signature in Contra natura. I am interrupting their lovely, silent affair... "Excuse me!"

Now, I am eating wonderful bull's tail, drinking wonderful white wine and talking with an old etonian called Pirracas. Roberto External Link and me are listening to his interesting stories. His pretty girlfriend called Verónica doesn't say too much...

Many things are happening to me this evening: I have met the Ambassador, witty and funny Pombo, Peredos' family and now Dámaso wants me to study Philology! Wow! Isn't it incredible? All in the same evening. This is being my favourite, magic and unforgettable evening in white.