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To my students (course 2008-2009)

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Must I move on on, sir? The words ring in my mind as I look back on the empty desks of my classroom, two-three second floor. The noise made by the workers outside has subsided as it has at this time, every day. My books lie on the table, neatly waiting to be lifted and carried to their summer rest, my bottle of water, empty, will soon disappear in the dustbin until recovered thanks to the recycling process in our world. My bag, happily waits to be taken home and continue her amazing life.

As I approach my desk the moments me and my Daffodils have shared flash upon me: Roberto speaking with me about his interview in England, and me thinking that he would not do well, but now he has applied and will complete his studies in an English University. Maria worrying in the blog about her little vocabulary and her inability to understand the Woman in White, and winning our Contest, and preparing to leave us too, for  London University. Elena Gallego, with her gentle manner, bringing that fantastic orange cake. Rachel, with a surprised expression, always agreeing with me, and Mark, too: thank you, Mark, for that very helpful post! José Manuel, with his mild look and mild ways admitting things to me and… to himself… after all the Galicians are clever. The Bandit, with his handsome face, complaining that he was not a school boy, when he discovered that his pretty face would not do in the class… only to discover that it would do, after all, for our prize giving… and complained as well… but in the end complied and was just a pretty Boy… Thank you again, Bandit, you know you were a thing of beauty... for… someone. Margarita and Julia, always  silent, but always… there. Elena Gil, who is not here to say goodbye, but who is with us on the blog. Cristina, filming and taking photos and sending one or two to aesthetically sensitive people... Paloma reading, reading, she was the only one who had read several of Pombo's novels. Mª Luisa, with her "fichas", now with new ones to make! Noemi, with her perfect accent and her perfect face, quiet but always aware… ready to hand tissues for brimming eyes. Lidia, coming in late, smiling, with her very nice peal of laughter still ringing in our ears. And also Paloma, always on line, always against me… but who will miss me awfully!

As I have been saying all these months "We've come a long way, me and my Daffodils" you KNOW that we have come a long way, indeed!! We've read books, poetry, we've seen plays, films, we've had some drinks together, we've laughed a great deal, have quarrelled little, discussed lots, and have developed a feeling of group, of friendship that will always be in our minds whenever we hear, read, think in, about English….

Someone calls my name, complaining that I'm always late, so I slowly collect my things, I pick them up and step down, I switch off the light, look back again, the classroom is silent, the desks are lined and empty, each with its chair neatly placed under its board: "Well, sir, I shall be ready when the order to march comes…" "It is come now..", the words come to my mind, I close the door of two-three second floor never to open it again with "my students". I resolutely walk down the corridor. In my mind I see a river, flowers dancing in the breeze…

"For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils…"

Don't forget what of good you have learnt these two years with me and may your lives be happy, why, we may meet again…


Carmen Peredo's students have actively taken part in the Reading Club external link and the Film Club external link and sending compositions for publication on this website.