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Writers - Literature
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List of Writers
(Printer-friendly list worddoc 2 pages - 15 Feb 2014 - Needs updating!)
Writers A-L Writers M-Z

Alexie, Sherman (Spokane/Coeur d'Alene) Watch & Listen!
Angelou, Maya (USA) Watch & Listen!
Asimov, Isaac Listen! (Rusia/USA)
Atwood, Margaret (Canada) Listen!Watch & Listen! Updated 2018
Austen, Jane (UK. unfinished!)
Auster, Paul (USA) Listen!

Beckett, Samuel (Ireland. 1906-1989) Listen!
Bowles, Jane
Blake, William
Bradbury, Ray (USA. 1920) Watch & Listen!
Brave Bird, Mary (aka Crow Dog) (Lakota)
Brontë, Charlotte (UK. 1816-1854)

Carrington, Leonora (UK. 1917-2011) Listen!
Carroll, Lewis (UK. 1832-1898) Listen!
Chiang, Ted (US. 1967) Listen! New! (2018)
Christie, Agatha (UK. 1890-1976)
Collins, Wilkie (UK. 1824-1889)
Crane, Stephen (USA. 1871-1900)

DeLillo, Don (USA. 1936)
Dickens, Charles (UK. 1812-1870)

Faber, Michael (The Netherlands + Australia + Scotland, writes in English)
Faulkner, William (USA. 1897-1962)
Fife, Connie (Cree / Mohawk Canada. 1961-2017) Listen! New! (2018)

Gilman, Charlotte Perkins (USA. 1860-1935) Listen!
Gordimer, Nadine (South Africa. 1923) Watch & Listen!

Harjo, Joy (Muscogee/Creek) Watch & Listen!
Hawthorne, Nathaniel (USA. 1804-1864)
Hemingway, Ernest (USA. 1899-1961) Listen!
Hornby, Nick (UK) Listen! Watch & Listen!

Jordan, June (USA, Harlem. 1936) Listen! Watch & Listen!

Langston Hughes (USA. 1902-1967) Listen!
Lakoff, George - at BOOKS
Lee, Harper (USA) Listen!
Lessing, Doris
Lodge, David (UK) Listen!
Lorde, Audre (USA. 1934-1992) Listen!
Loy, Mina Listen! New! (2018)

Malamud, Bernard (USA. 1914-1986) Listen!
Mansfield, Katherine (New Zealand. 1888-1923) Listen!
McCullers, Carson (USA. 1917-1967) Listen!
Million, Dian (Athabascan/Alaska) Listen!
Monroe, Marilyn (USA) Listen!
Morgan, Robin (USA) - at BOOKS Listen!
Morrison, Toni (USA) Listen!

Nancy Drew (by Ghost Writers)
Nelson, Portia (USA. 1920-2001) Listen!

Obama, Barack (USA)
Oliver, Mary (USA) Listen!
Orwell, George (UK.1903-1905)

Parker, Dorothy (USA. 1893-1967) Listen!Watch & Listen!
Parks, Rosa (USA. 1913-2005) - at BOOKS
Petras, James (Canada)
Plath, Sylvia (USA. 1932-1963) Listen!

Rhys, Jean (Dominica/UK. 1894-1979)
Rich, Adrienne (USA) Listen!
Robbins, Tom (USA)

Salinger, J. D. (USA. 1919-2010) Listen!
Sexton, Anne (USA. 1928-1974) Listen!
Shakespeare, William Listen! (UK. 1564-1616)
Shelley, Mary
Stein, Gertrude (USA, 1874-1946) Listen!
Steinbeck, John (USA. 1902-1968) Listen!

Walker, Alice (USA) Listen!Watch & Listen!
Wilde, Oscar (Ireland. 1854-1900)
William Carlos Williams Listen!
Williams-Garcia, Rita (USA) - at BOOKS
Winterson, Jeanette (UK) Listen!
Wolstonecraft, Mary
Woolf, Virginia (UK. 1882-1941) Listen!
Wolf, Naomi (USA) - at Books Listen!

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