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The First Time I Had to Give First Aid, by JC (Y5) - Students' Oral Performances with Teacher's feedback - Speaking
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The First Time I Had to Give First Aid

  • listen! Listen to JC's work (wma file) - Although it's 2'30'' he speaks quite fluently so it's OK. Notice the varied amount of language items he uses, including "hard" verbs like "rush" or "expect", "It was", "allow you to", and all kinds of tenses included those in a Type 3 Conditional sentence!

How I Prepared My Story

To prepare this monologue I have worked reading the articles about first aid in the upper-intermediate textbook. After that, I collected useful language and I made an outline with the brainstorming section. Then I practised my speaking by repeating the story a lot of times and practising the intonation of every word and sentence. Finally, I recorded the story some times until I liked it. Thanks for listening.


IN a community

IN it (the pool)

in MY chair

/ríalaisT/ - realized

took her ON his shoulders

/zrou/ throw, not threw

arrived AT the place

THAT MANY people

/okér/ - occur

Everybody HAS to know ABOUT