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A Traffic Accident: My Life-death Experience, by Mª Jesús (Y5) - Students' Oral Performances with Teacher's feedback - Speaking
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A Traffic Accident: My Life-death Experience

  • listen! Listen to Mª Jesús's work! (3gp file, 3') - Great work with the pronunciation of the pasts. Great brainstorming for language items.

Hiya, Michelle!

If you think my monologue is OK to be published I'll agree with your decision.

What I did was:
- First I read an article in our upper-intermediate textbook, "We´re going to crash! and I thought that it was easier for me to tell a true story, a personal story.
- I collected Useful Language.
- I did my outline.
- I practiced speaking about my accident many times and then
- I recorded and listened to it many times, too.
- I sent it to Michelle for feedback and got my LoM, so I worked a bit more on it.
- Finally, I told the story in the class at Plenary and we worked on my LoM

(Michelle: But Mª Jesús had few! Lots of improvement!)

Mª Jesús (5ºB)


/shud/ - should (no "l")

one of these boyS

/nérvs/ - nervous

to leave THE PLACE quickly

/fil-din/ filled in (short "i" not long "i")

pass BY that street