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Why I would like to be a farmer, by Carmen (Y5) - Students' Oral Performances with Teacher's feedback - Speaking
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Y5B. Carmen, on Being a Farmer

listen! Why I would like to be a farmer (wma file, 3 minutes)

This monologue relates to a beautiful story I hope Carmen will tell you about!

Carmen's English is great. Her language range is rich, her grammar is good. She is fluent. She mispronounces some words but her pronunciation is excellent in general, and her fluency is quite good!

List of Mistakes

  • /advantidz/
  • with EVERYbody
  • /sákt/ sacked
  • /riarreindz/ rearrange
  • /risálts/ results
  • /der are/ there are
  • /fóukust/ focussed
  • /risálts/
  • such as NOT BEING ABLE TO AFFORD GOING ON A HOLIDAY at the beginning
  • /érea/ area
  • /luus/ lose everything
  • I love working in this JOB
  • /satisfákshon/ satisfaction