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After reading and listening to texts where issues connected to responsibility are mentioned, we have selected some Useful Language and some useful links in case you wish to read/listen a bit more!

Who is responsible (for this / for + -ing V / for repairs)?
Who is responsible for these repairs?

To be held responsible for something
Who should be held responsible for gender violence?
Obama expects to be held responsible for job losses
BP was held responsible for oil spill/leak / for the clean-up


Who is to blame? (worse option to previous)

Who is guilty of this? – Guilty is OK in: Do you plead guilty or non-guilty?

Legal matters:
Who is liable to pay? If I am liable, can anyone else be held liable with me?
Who's Liable for a Driverless Car Accident?

... liability may be split between the drivers ...
if you believe the driver in front was partially responsible for the accident, consult ...
Shopping - Who is liable for return/refund/exchange?
If the reseller sold you an item as new and it wasn't, then it's the responsibility of the reseller to replace it.

Talking about responsibility to younger people:
(Source external link See also, Money Night Talk external linkvideo + talking points)

Most kids would rather be outside playing or spending time with their friends than doing chores or taking on extra responsibilities. Talk about why doing household chores is important. Chores keep your home clean and enjoyable. They teach responsibility and help you make decisions. You can take pride in doing a job well, and everyone in a family is happier when everyone does her or his share.

Talk to your teenager about how responsibilities go hand-in-hand with the freedoms of adulthood.

Increasing EFL Students' Responsibility with Learning Activities through Project Work

Social Responsibility external link - Lesson Plan

BBC Corporate Responsibility Report external link