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Useful Language for Speaking Interactions 1 (Intermediate, Advanced)
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Useful Language for Speaking Interactions (Intermediate, Advanced)

Organizing Events

  • Our school is organizing a multicultural week this year! I would like to help! Would you like to help, too?
  • We need to organize the end-of-course school trip! Any ideas?
  • (Advanced) Hey, did you hear the news? Our school is organizing a multicultural week this year! I'd love to get involved in that! Would you, too?
  • (Upper Intermediate) That sounds great. What would you do?
  • (Advanced) What kind of things do you have in mind?
  • (Advanced) I'm not that interested in cooking. But I could give a hand in some other way. I could help organize a karaoke! That'd be fun!
  • When will the event take place? Any dates?
  • (Advanced) So -- when will that be happening?
  • (Intermediate) We wanted to organize a musical festival in our area / neighbourhood to help the unemployed / to collect some money for the unemployed.
  • (Advanced) The other day we came up with this idea of holding a musical festival to gather funds for people out of work. Don't you think it's an amazing idea?
  • Would you like to help?
  • What kinds of things are you good at?
  • I'd rather be in charge of selling the tickets.
  • I'm not very good at facilitating discussions, really!
  • I'm too shy for the karaoke, but I'd be willing to help in preparing the premises and doing the shopping.
  • So we agree on that. Next point?
  • (Advanced) What about setting up a raffle?
  • This could help us with the fundraising, too!
  • (Advanced) But the tickets would have to be really cheap. I mean, we can't sell those to get a big profit.
  • The English Department is going to organize a trip to Ireland. Have you heard? / Did you hear?
  • Really? Wow. I'd love to visit Ireland!
  • How much would the trip be / cost? / How much would that be / cost?
  • They haven't worked that out yet, but it would be about …… euros.
  • How long would we stay in Ireland for? / And how long for?
  • My friends from London are coming this summer for a visit, and I need to think about where to take them, what to show them, you know… in Madrid.
  • How long are they going to stay?
  • Well, that depends.
  • So – who wants to be in charge of (doING whatever)?
  • I'll be in charge of that (spontaneous decision)
  • I can/could be in charge of that (proposal)
  • I'm happy to be in charge of that.
  • Should we set up a rota? In this way, we would take turns with the different tasks.
  • In this way, some people would do it in the first week and then some other people would do it during the second week.

Helping people

  • (Advanced) Did you see Marko? / Have you seen Marko lately?
  • He's not doing very well. He's really low.
  • Do you know that Marko is depressed?
  • How come? / Why is that?
  • It seems it's because he has put on a lot of weight. But that's a consequence of being out of work, too. He lost his job three months ago.
  • So how can we help (him)?
  • Well, I think we should give him a call and go out for a drink and a chat! That could be a good beginning!
  • What can we do to cheer him up?
  • That'd be nice / helpful / interesting
  • It's Mary's birthday next week! Did you know?
  • What are you going to give her?
  • I haven't decided yet. I can't come up with any good ideas!
  • What do you think?
  • What if instead of a present we organized something for her?
  • (Advanced) What could we do? It should be something that allowed us all to spend some time together.
  • She loves nature. Perhaps we should suggest going to the countryside for a weekend.

Pros and cons of options

  • We need to find a house. The first question is, should we rent or buy?
  • Well, for me the question is not that! I can't buy!
  • The question would be how much we would be able to pay!
  • We have interviewed five people. We should start discarding some.
  • Who is your favourite candidate to share the flat with us?
  • Well, I like Laureen. She's really interesting and she seems to be a quiet person.
  • The bad thing about Laureen is that she has a dog, and dogs aren't allowed!
  • Perhaps we could talk that over with the owner (landlord, landlady).
  • I need a car, but I'm concerned about the environment and I was wondering -- an electric car might be the answer to my problem! What do you think?
  • I'm not sure about that. Perhaps we should find some information on the topic first. If you like, I can check out a few sites on the Internet, and you can talk to James about his experience.
  • Do you like electronic books?
  • I feel really old-fashioned, but – I can't read a book if it's not in paper!
  • Where shall we go on holidays this year?
  • Would you like to go to the seaside, or to the mountain?
  • It has to be somewhere cheap, really!
  • And do you prefer going to a city, and doing some sightseeing, visiting museums and art galleries, that kind of thing? Or would you prefer to relax on a beach?
  • Wouldn't that be a bit boring / hectic?
  • And how can we get there? Should we fly or take a train?
  • Driving would take us ages!
  • How do you feel about …-ing (doing this or that)?
  • I'd love that! / I'd love to.
  • I wouldn't like that much, really. / I'd rather we didn't do that.