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Useful Language for Speaking Interactions 2 - Spain (Intermediate, Advanced)
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Useful Language for Speaking Interactions 2 (Intermediate, Advanced)

Planning outings in Madrid for foreign friends

  • I have included a description of the task: English-speaking friends coming for a visit to Madrid.
    Useful Language - this is the part we recorded!
    Language & Culture: a glossary – things you need to explain if you mention them in Spanish
    Spanish things that make great presents – e.g. Yepes playing Tarrega, Paco de Lucía playing Rodrigo, Martirio creating Copla-Jazz, Buika – Jodida pero contenta, Bebe – Adiós, La Shica – Te quiero mucho pero no pa tos los días, Marlengo – Shake the Moon
    speaking-activity-Spain word doc (2 pages)

Remember that English-speaking friends can come from different countries! Canada / Canadians (French Canadians / English-speaking Canadians), US Americans, Hawaians, people from Trinidad & Tobago /tobeigo/, Australians (Aussies) and New Zealanders (Kiwis), Irish people, British people (Scottish, from Wales, English), Indian people, South Africans…