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Winter 2006 Mini-saga Project for Y5B and Y5C students
NEWS: Updated edition! (Jan 07)

Printer-friendly version worddoc (2nd ed. 5pp) mini-sagas sent on Dec 06 & Jan 07 (36 in all).

Webpage version
(Use the BACK arrow to get back here to read more or print the word doc.)

Page 1
Free Soul, During her first days..., I was wearing a white mask..., He woke up and found himself..., The Note, An Anecdote, Farewell

Page 2
To Whom It May Concern, Obsessions, Tar Heels, Never did I have a better time..., Autumn, Mothers, He

Page 3
Walking on the street..., My childhood memories..., Looking at each other..., Christmas Times, The city of Madrid..., The comfortable room..., You and Me, You come to me..., She was pretty eager...

Page 4
A Dream, Hello Darling!..., "I will check in the living-room"..., Sweet Ignorance, Waking Up, and This is the fourth shop...

Page 5
Fear, Costa Rica..., The wind..., November (2003), Dream, Dreams, I was watching the girl...

NB: If you don't agree with any of the corrections, please tell me.