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Updated on Feb 9, 2017

Thanks so much both for your work and for sharing your work! It helps people learn, it helps build societies where people share knowledge and skills!

2016-17 C1 Oral Presentations

On students' channels:

OPs in the Exam Format, on the Speaking File at EOI Teacher Sharing C1 Work (vimeo):

2015-16 C1 Oral Presentations

For more, check out...

2014-15 C1 Oral Presentations:

From 2004-2009:

For tips on preparing OP's, please check out our Skills - Speaking - Oral Presentations section

bullet On countries

The United Kigdom external link (Teamwork, Y5B, 2006-07) - It's a PowerPoint + quiz
Kenya (Rosario, Y5C, 2006-07)
India (Teamwork Y5C, 2006-07)
(Laura, Y4, 2004-05)

bullet On places

Iguazu Falls (Valéria, AV2Tues, 2008-09)
Tasmania (MariCarmen, Y5B, 2006-07, sent a year later)

bullet On people Edison (Nieves, Y5B, 2006-07)
bullet On topics

English in Greece (Javier, Y5C, 2006-07)
The Victorian Age: The British Empire (Miguel H, Y5C, 2006-07, with Matilde on Wilde)
Modern Art (Rosario, Y5C, 2006-07)
The Black Triangle (Encarna, Y5C, 2006-07)
What is a podcast (Miguel H, Y5C, 2006-07)
How important is the role of the mass media in the theory and practice of modern liberal democracy?, ex Y4 (04-05), 2006 (Your Stuff! < Your Texts < Your Essays)

bullet On stories Three Short Stories (Ana, Y4F, 2004-05)
bullet On music

Sheryl Crow (Denise, AV2Mon, 2008-09)
Staind (Miguel Oyarbide, Y4F, 2004-05)

bullet On movies Smoke Signals (Carlos, Y5C, 2006-07, sent a year later)
bullet On books Morrison's Playing in the Dark (Miguel Oyarbide, Y4F, 2004-05)
1984's War Is Peace (Y4, 2004-05 - Literature - Writers - Orwell)
bullet On podcasts Recommending an ESL podcast (Lydia, Y5B, 2006-07)
bullet On How to's Brainstorming (Rebeca, Y5C, 2006-07)

For more OPs by Avanzado 2 students, check other school years on our Thanks! (Credits) page