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   Oct 24

Greetings & Days of the Week

GreetingsDaysofWeek (1 Word page)

Shit! I can’t upload the audio because it’s too big because of the tune I inserted. Sigh…

Well, I’ll have to find some way…



   Mar 23

Colors 3 – Story (Pintar con moras)

Here is a new episode! Aquí tenéis un nuevo episodio!
colors03 (1 página Word)
Audio: 1’48”


   Mar 23

Colors 2 – Story (Dibujad un árbol)

Draw a tree! Historia en español con transcripción y traducción al inglés.
colors02 (1 página Word)
Audio: 2’44”


   Mar 23

Colors 1 – Los colores

Vocabulary and sentences. ¡Escucha y repite cuando yo lo diga la segunda vez!
colors01 (1 página Word)
Audio: 4’14”


   Mar 22


Hope this little project helps you learn to speak Spanish without you having to learn to be sexist! Spring 2014. There is a segment with Useful Language or Conversations and another with stories on the same topic or language item. In the written text version, you will also find the translation into English in brackets.

Feel free to post your feedback and requests!