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The World - Countries - India Teamwork OP 04
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Teamwork Oral Presentation
By Inmaculada (01 Intro), Sonia (02 History), Carlos (03 Gandhi), Adela (04 Spirituality), Montse (05 Taj Mahal), Diana (06 Women), Encarna (07 Microcredits),
Irene (08 Food), Miguel MM (09 Music 1), Tere (10 Music 2), Esther (11 Bollywood)
Y5C, 2006-07

Indian Religions
by Adela

(with slide show)

1. Historically
Land of religion and spiritual release.

2. Hinduism
The oldest continuous faith in the world.

3. Other Religions
Three quarters of the people describe themselves as adherents of Hinduism

Muslims:  130 million
Christians: 25 million
Buddhists: 8 million
Jewish communities

4. Other Religious Practices: Yoga
The word yoga means "union" in Sanskrit, union occurring between mind, body and soul.

5. Varna-Jati (Caste System)

  • Bramans: TEACHERS
  • Shatriyas: WARRIORS
  • Vaisyas: WORKERS
  • Sudras: SERVANTS
  • Pariahs: UNTOUCHABLES. They are out  of society and considered dirty people by the rest.*

* Untouchability was abolished external link by the Constitution of India.