Useful Language. Writing. Email to Teacher Apologizing for Absence. All Levels (A2-C1)!

WritingFind the transcript here (path: – Enter – Skills – Writing – Letter-writing) Scroll down to Apologies. It’s 2 pdf pages, with notes I don’t read.

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Elementary. Present. Nationalities, countries and languages 2

ElementaryI made some mistakes: People FROM, not IN. “In” is OK, but “from” is more accurate (“in” vale, pero “from” es más preciso). The list of countries is not complete. The world is full of countries and peoples (pueblos)!

People = personas, gente; Peoples = pueblos

Read the transcript.

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Elementary. Irregular verbs and some tips for the Past simple!

ElementaryThis recording has no transcript because textbooks include a list of irregular verbs at the end of the textbook, so check yours!

More audios for Elementary at Useful Language for Elementary students and at My webpage for 2014-15 Elementary students.

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Elementary/Pre-intermediate. Today! (1) – Pres. Perf. or Past Simple? + Dialog

Read the transcript, and the warning!!


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