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Mediation Project by 2ºsemi students for November 25. Day against Violence against Women. Based on an original text by, a feminist blog, the 2020-21 semipresencial students in 2ºB worked on an adaptation to the A2 level of the text! I have recorded it on the Talking People Podcast so they can proceed with the second part of their wonderful project!

love it The Mirabal Sisters & November 25, by Básico 2 (2B semipresencial, 2020-21): pdf 2 pp Word 2 pp (+ Orig) audio Listen

Bios by Básico 1 students for the I Feminist Cultural Week. Dear Students, here are the bios I wrote based on what you wanted to say. If it is too hard for a monologue, practice perfect pronunciation and just read it! Thanks for your work!