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Phone numbers and Quantities - Listening - Exercises

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Phone numbers and Quantities

Country code
Area code
my phone number
I don't know the code for Spain, but my area code is 91 and then my phone number is...
I'll give you my mobile number / cellphone number, so you can reach me at any time
Let me give you my work number
It's better I give you my home number, then.

Phone Numbers (From

Each figure is said separately. 24 - two four

The figure 'O' is called oh. 105 - one oh five

Pause after groups of 3 or 4 figures (last group). 376 4705 - three seven six, four seven oh five

If two successive figures are the same, in British English you would usually use the word double (in American English you would just say the figure twice)

376 4775 - BE: three seven six, four double seven five
376 4775 - AE: three seven six, four seven seven five

Room Numbers: 205 - Two - oh - five

a fiver = five pounds (sterling)

Dates (no dot or comma)

Extra practice:
In the following number generator you can check how to say the numbers you type in:
Now spell the numbers you are given and check if you got them right: