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Listening Activities on other websites

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bullet Michelle's Blog for Elementary Students (Básico, EOI) - Look for posts with selection of links to videos and audios!

bullet ELLLO: People from all over the world speaking English external link Listen to one every day! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

bullet Practice Your Pronunciation external link (easy and effective!)

bullet Dictations sorted out by level

bullet Words in the News external link (BBC Learning English, with texts and audios, so listen and then check with the written text)

bullet Listening exercises by Caroline Brown external link
different kinds, from easy to not-so-easy! Give them a try! (Intermediate - Advanced)
bullet 2006 Monthly News Digest at EnglishClub external link (Low Intermediate) - good practice for all! and encouraging!

bullet From CK's Listen and Repeat English external link a very funny and effective exercise!
bullet Listen and repeat JAZZ CHANTS with useful sentences external link!!! (from elementary to pre-intermediate)
bullet Learn Dialogues such these: The Flatmates external link (BBC Learning English) List of episodes external link

bullet Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab external link Scroll down a bit and you'll see it all (easy, medium, difficult; with pre-listening and post-listening activities). Examples. Check out this one on a visit to the dentist! external link: it's got a multiple choice first, and then you can read the text while you listen to it for the fourth time, and then you could repeat! To start with, choose one of these: Easy: An answering machine external link Medium: A doctor's appointment external link Difficult: A healthy lifestyle external link Follow all the stages & comment in class.

bullet BBC Worksheets for listening activities external link
First open the worksheet and read it. Then click on the audio and listen. Fill in the worksheet. Listen as many times as you need and keep a record of your progress. Last, check - there's an answer key.

bullet Listening exam on-line external link Listen first, then click wherever to read the questions AND click again on the audio. You won't be able to listen to it more than twice. Send me your results and I'll tell you how you did. For Year 2.

bullet On-line Song listening activities: On Isabel Pérez's website external link you can find the music, the lyrics and fill-in-the-gap exercises. In Radio Blog external link you can find tons of songs! Laredo: listen to the whole song or to each line. Mercedes Benz, Janice Joplin + facts on song.

bullet Commercials: Listen and listen and watch two commercials of Cocowheats. TV commercial on a bathroom cleaner external link You have to click on the video to get it started. Then click on the words in the transcript which aren't the same as those the man says.
bullet Enjoy Halloween making one of these revolting cocktails external linkwhile listening to these creepy voices external link from thrillers and the like from Monstruous! external link