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Clothing & Footwear - Voc & Useful Lang - Exercises

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Useful sentences & vocabulary on clothing & footwear, accessories, hairstyles
by michelle for secondary students (1990's) and adult students (2000's)
meaning for Year 3 of EOI Old System

Listen! Audio 1 Eng - Listen! Audio 1 Spa

What is the model wearing?
She/He’s wearing a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and a pair of trainers.
He/She’s wearing a pair of REGULAR jeans, a HOODED SHORT-SLEEVED T-shirt and a pair of WHITE GLITTERING trainers.
Listen! Audio 2 Eng
A pair of MODIFIER trousers / pants / jeans / shorts / leggings
A pair of MODIFIER legwarmers / tights / stockings / socks
A pair of MODIFIER shoes / trainers / boots / sandals / slippers
A pair of MODIFIER sunglasses / earrings
A/An MODIFIER skirt / mini-skirt
A/An MODIFIER T-shirt / sweat shirt  / shirt / blouse / top
A/An MODIFIER tracksuit / sports suit / suit / outfit
A/An MODIFIER sweater / jumper / pullover
A/An MODIFIER jacket / raincoat / blazer / (over)coat / poncho
A/An MODIFIER bandanna / hat / cap / kangol hat / wig!

Listen! Audio 3 Eng
: they're made out of denim, they can be ripped, with holes, shredding, and crinkles, regular, worn-out, stonewashed, low-rise, boot-cut, bell-bottom…

Audio 4 Eng - eyes
: (contact) lenses, sunglasses, goggles (for swimming), sunglass clip-ons.
Types of lenses: single vision, multi-focal, progressive, reading glasses
Types of frames: round/rectangular/oval, FRAMES in plastic/metal, RIMLESS glasses
Eye disorders: shortsighted or nearsightedness (myopia, blurry distance vision), farsightedness or longsightedness (hypermetropia, trouble seeing near objects), astigmatism (you see objects as doubled or distorted, or with a shadow next to them, at distance and near), conjunctivitis or pinkeye, allergies…

Listen! Audio 5 Eng - eyes
More Apparel: spikes, studs, necklace(s), bracelet(s), ring(s), belt(s), badge(s), pin(s), brooch(es), foulard(s), scarf / scarves, hair band(s), hair pin(s), gloves.

Listen! Audio 6 Eng - hairstyles
: long hair, curly hair, wavy hair, plaits, pony-tail, a bun, short hair, straight hair, dreds, extensions

Listen! Audio 7 Eng - material
Material: leather, wooly, cotton, silk, denim, polyester, cordorouy, velvet, plastic!

Listen! Audio 8 Eng - patterns & adjectives
Patters and more: striped, chequered/checked, tartan, regular/plain, dotted, flowered, patterned, fishnet; hooded, glittering, long-sleeved, short-sleeved
Adjectives: amazing, original, regular, daring, boring, dreary!, missy, cool, cute, nice, smart, ugly, creepy!, tacky

Listen! Audio 9 Eng - useful language
Useful sentences

Does it suit me?
It doesn’t even fit me!
This shade of red doesn’t go with this other one
I usually get dressed after breakfast
I never wear high-heeled shoes
I usually put on the first thing I find!
I’ve never worn a skirt over pants
I love wearing bandannas
Talking about outfits
That outfit is amazing!
It’s cool! / It looks cool!
That’s creepy!
It’s tacky! / It looks tacky!
It’s cute!
That’s missy! Don’t wear it!
It’s dreary!!!
It’s boring
That’s original
It’s daring!
The lazy look, huh?
It looks alright…
It looks smart!
Who wears that?!
I stopped wearing that ages ago!
It’s the perfect accessory for that

Listen! Audio 10 Eng - colors and sizes
Colors and Shades
: Light blue, dark/deep blue… You can also use nouns: strawberry pink, lemon yellow…
Size: small, medium, large, extra large, baggy, tight, big, small, huge, tiny.

Fashion: A fashion show, a fashion parade, the catwalk

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