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Mobile Phones - Voc & Useful Lang - Exercises

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Vocabulary Questions for the text below:

1. How do you say "cargar el móvil" when the battery is low and when you're running out of money?
2. How do you say "tengo que ir a un cajero para cargar el móvil"?
3. How do you say "si comunica" and "si no contestan"?
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Topping up your mobile: If you don't pay for your mobile on a monthly account, then you need to regularly top up your mobile. All top up means is that when the credit on your mobile runs low you need to buy more credit.

When should I top up?: Every time you make a call you use up a little of the credit on your mobile. When you have less than 10 minutes of call time left in your account you receive a recorded message to remind you to top up soon. We alert you when your mobile account balance is low, but it's up to you when you top up, how you top up and how much credit you add to your balance.

Top up any way that suits you
Top up online - if you use the internet a lot then topping up online saves you calling or buying a Go Prepaid card.
Visit an ATM - you can top up using any ATM bank machine.
Buy a Go Prepaid card from your nearest Mobile retailer or outlet.
Top up from your mobile - Call xxx to top up from your mobile

Things you should know: Most calls incur a small charge against your account balance. How much is charged depends on the number you call and the length of the call. If you want to know how much a call costs, you can stay 'on the line' after the person you have been speaking to hangs up and you will hear the cost of the call.

Calls to 111 Emergency services, *123 Mobile Help and all 0800 calls are free to you and do not affect your account balance.
There is a one-minute minimum charge for calls made on your mobile; after the first minute calls are charged in whole minute increments.
Each call is charged at the rate that applied at the start of the call.
International calls are charged at the applicable Telecom Cellular International rate.
If the number called is busy, or there is no answer, you are not charged for that call.