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Adverbs & Word-Order - Func. Grammar

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General rule: HOW (manner) - WHERE (place) - WHEN (time)
Example: People worked really hard (manner) in class (place) yesterday (time)

With verbs that express movement, the WHERE has to move next to those verbs of movement, so the order varies and becomes: WHERE - HOW - WHEN, as in We traveled to Italy (where) by plane (how) last week (when).

Time - the WHEN - can, in any case, be moved to the beginnig of the sentence (Time phrases are always at the beginning or the end of sentences, really), as in Yesterday (when) they worked hard (how) at the office (where).

When you have several time adverbs, first place the shorter time period and after that the longer time period.
Example: They are arriving at 9 o’clock (when - shorter period) tomorrow (when - longer period).