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Use of "The" 1 - Func. Grammar

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Here is a Worksheet which will help you learn to be sensitive, which will help you to think about the use of language items by means of comparing items and thinking about them, whether you find them in your textbooks or as you read other books, or corrected and therefore elements to include in your List of Mistakes.

All the docs about "the"
bullet 1. Intro: this webpage
bullet 2. Theory: explanation "Use of the Article"
bullet 3. Crib Notes!: use and omission of "the"
bullet 4. Exercises: Grammar Teams - Analyzing the use and omission of "the"

After your analysis, you should try to find out which your own problems with the use of "the" are, unless you've already got it in your List of Mistakes, in which case you should have a look at it to raise those issues in your Grammar Team.

Here is the Word version of webpages 2-4: Use & Omission of THE worddoc (2 pages)