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Troublesome Words: Other-words
by michelle - Printer-friendly version worddoc (1 page) with 2 exercises

In this topic, it’s useful if you think of two ideas:

  1. One is whether the word is an adjective or a pronoun. An adjective is accompanying a noun. A pronoun contains the noun! Think of “I need another pen” and “I need another”. (Adjectives in orange, pronouns in red; heads of noun phrases in blue.)
  2. The other is whether the word is definite or indefinite. “Definite” relates to the idea of something specific you are thinking of. “Indefinite” relates to the idea that any of that kind will do. Contrast “another piece of cake, please!” and “the other piece better!”

Note: In orange both articles (the, a/an) and adjectives/quantifiers, for they all accompany a noun.
A/An for counting behaves as an adjective, but A/An is really an indeterminate article. I colored it as if it were an adjective because the distinction is unimportant, here. I want you to understand something else.

Crib note!

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