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Course 2007-08: YT's personal notes after correcting C2's in 2 Y5 groups: LoM et al on C2 Y5 worddoc (3 pages) Don't print it, just have a look in case you find anything useful. We'll be dealing with this on Composition Day, Dec 12, 2007.

Keeping a record of the mistakes you make (whether oral or written) is a particularly good resource for learning and also for consolidating your command over the language. You should record in your List of Mistakes all your mistakes and errors, work on them as will be shown below and finally check your list when you proofread your compositions, to make sure you are not making those mistakes again. As you make progress, you'll notice that you have overcome the production of certain mistakes in your list. It'll be great!

On our Talking People website you'll find further information on Error Correction in the section called How to Learn > Error Correction.

Here is the List of Mistakes I have put together after correcting about 75 compositions of Y5 students in February-March 2007.

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