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How to Listen / Speak - How to Learn

bullet Learning to Listen
bullet Developing your Oral Skills - Ways of Listening and Practicing Speaking
bullet How to Learn Using Audiovisuals
bullet How to work on Monologues
bullet How to deal with Dialogues (balanced turn-taking, appropriate structure)
bullet How to begin Dialogues
bullet How to hold rational Discussions
bullet How to prepare an Oral Presentation
bullet Developing Communicative Strategies for various scenarios
bullet Communicative Strategies: what's the word for...?
bullet Problem-solving and Teamwork: Fighting Silence in the Language Lesson
bullet Brainstorming for Speaking Tasks (example for B2 or FCE levels)
bullet How to describe a picture

New Course 2013-14. On MF's blog Plans-n-what-we-did, some procedures:

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NB: Although I use US American English as much as I can, in International English here in Europe, "dialog" and "monolog" are not used at all, which seems to mean that, for the context of International English, at least in Europe, the prevailing word this time is the British one. I will go into this one day. In any case, the standard spelling I should be using should be "dialog" and "monolog".