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Equipment, by michelle (2007)
Because you cannot learn to SPEAK any language without listening daily to the language, you need to use audios and audiovisuals, so you’ll need a minimum of some audio player.

What can I use to listen to audios?
bullet A radio
bullet A cassette or a CD player (depending on if you get tapes or CDs)
bullet A DVD player, preferably with an mp3 reader (YT's audio CDs)
bullet Your PC, your PC with a connection to the Internet (subscribe to podcasts!)
bullet i-pods

What can I use to listen to audiovisuals?
It would also be good for you to listen to audiovisuals, and you can do this, by using:
bullet Standard TV - some dual movies and TV series; do you get these channels?: BBC news, and CNN news;
bullet Digital TV (DTV, el TDT) - more channels – tell us what you get!
bullet Pay (or Premium) TV - lots of channels, with different kinds of programs, like documentaries, movies, TV series, sport, news…
bullet Your PC with a connection to the Internet: websites with on-line TV and videos, like Talking People!, or YouTube.

More resources
bullet Free Access to the Internet: There are places where you can have access to the Internet for free (you could go there once a week), like state-run libraries and some cultural associations, so find that out.