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Critical Questions - How to Write/Speak/Think - How to Learn

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Types of Critical Questions

Questions of clarification: Examples
—Could you give me an example?
—Is your basic point ___or___ ?

Questions that probe assumptions: Examples
—You seem to be assuming ___
—How would you justify taking that for granted?
—Is this always the case?

Questions that probe reasons and evidence: Examples
—How could we go about finding out whether that is true?
—Is there reason to doubt that evidence?

Questions about viewpoints or perspectives: Examples
—How would other groups or types of people respond? Why? What would influence them?
—How would people who disagree with this viewpoint argue their case?

Questions that probe implications and consequences: Examples
—What effect would that have?
—If ___ and ___ are the case, then what else must also be true?

Questions about the question: Examples
—To answer this question, what questions would we have to answer first?
—Is this the same issue as ___?

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