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World Englishes - Language

Section updated in May 2012 to include audios and videos

World Englishes

bullet US American & British Englishes
bulletbulletbullet For English by Native American People, check out American Indians and: English words of American Indian origin external link English words of Spanish origin external link
bulletbulletbullet For Englishes in the UK, check out: Sounds familiar? Accents & dialects of the UK external link (British Library) Link sent by Gonzalo (Y5, 2007-08)

World Standard Englishbullet Canadian English + videos
bullet Australian & New Zealand Englishes + videos
bullet South African English + videos
bullet Indian English
bullet Caribbean English + videos
bullet Irish English

bullet Audios: listen to different accents in English external link from all over the planet! Amanzing project!
bullet English-speakers from all over the world external link read out the same text, so you can learn about the peculiarities of each accent!

bullet World Radios external link (from Other Audios)

bullet Videos: a woman using 21 different accents external link, a man speaks using 24 different accents external link

bullet Check out our Literature section to find authors from these different countries.

bullet On michelle's English (webmistress)