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E-mail on Dictionaries from Beatriz (Y5B, 2006-07) to Michelle

Hi Michelle,

I was able to find the e-mail about dictionaries! I copy here what you wrote:

English-English dictionaries are extremely good, in general, because English speakers do not have to suffer the existence of an awkard Royal Academy of Language that forces people to use the language in alien ways! It'd be useful that whichever you choose, it's one with the phonetic transcription of words, so that you can check their pronunciation. I have the Collins Dictionary and here is the link to the Collins Online Dictionary external link. It's got the audios and examples of the word used in context. The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English external link (On-line version) is another good choice.

Merriam-Webster Online
The one I use when I have access to the Internet is a classic in the USA, the Merriam-Webster dictionary external link. It's also got the audios and a free on-line thesaurus, for synonyms and antonyms and related words, and a bilingual dictionary (English-Spanish).

Other dictionaries which are good can be checked out at...

The Cambridge on-line dictionary external link It has dictionaries sorted out by levels, too

The Oxford English dictionary external link

I find an enormous difference with Spanish non-descriptivist dictionaries, ie DRAE! For Spanish, get a copy of the María Moliner or the Clave so you can make sure that you'll find the spelling of words that are used everywhere! :)


Roget's II: The New Thesaurus external link A dictionary to look for synonyms and antonyms

Visual Thesaurus external link Hi teacher! Have a look at this website. Very useful!! Teresa Vaq (Y5C, 2006-07)

The Urban Dictionary external link slang and daily words people use today - Remember not to use slang unless you know the people VERY well!

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Thanks again for the advice and I hope the information arrives on time.

See you!