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Bessie Head (UK. 1937-1986)

Bessie Head writingBessie Head
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Short story "A Power Story" with Learning Activities (4 Worddoc pages)

Under construction:

Conference "Why I Write"

michelle wrote to the Bessie Head Heritage Trust, at (include some...)

Hello from Andalucía, Spain!

Thank you so much for the information you generously share on Bessie Head, an extremely valueable person for our species! 

I found her Tales of Tenderness and Power in London in 1990 and became a fan.

I’d like to create a little webpage for her and my English students and also translate a story into Spanish for a website we have to contribute to a better society. (All of this is work I do out of my own pocket, to create a Society of Knowledge, that discards violence as a way to relate and “solve” problems.) Of course, I’d send you the link and remove whatever you didn’t find in the Fair Use lines! :) Or just let me know how I should proceed. I’ll also create a graphic with her quotes and send you that, in the two languages.

Last, some links in the section LINKS are broken.

Kind regards,

michelle renyé