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Ray Bradbury (USA. b. 1920)

Ray Bradbury

Bradbury was a great SciFi writer. He wrote Farenheit 451 (1953) and The Martian Chronicles (1950), in case these ring a bell. Below you'll find links for three of his works.

audio Listen to Ray Bradbury in two interviews External Link by Don Swaim held in 1992 (48 min) and 1993 (33 min).

Three Bradbury Books
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The Martian Chronicles The Martian Chronicles (1950)
audio Listen to an on-line 1950s 25-minute adaptation of the novel External Link
Read this story in the novel: There Will Come Soft Rains worddoc (3 pages).

The Martian Chronicles (1950) was published in the UK as The Silver Locusts.

More info on this novel:
General Info External Link
Study guide External Link
Some activities you can do:
bullet Reading and Thinking: check out this study guide External Link of a close reading of this story.
bullet Reading Comprehension Exercise: Questions for "There Will Come Soft Rains", taken from Mr. Lettiere's worksheet External Link Grade 10.
1. What unusual qualities and appliances does the house have?
2. What were the five spots of paint of?
3. What happened to the people?
4. What are some things the house has been protecting itself from?
5. Why is the dog very thin and covered in sores?
6. What happens to the dog's remains?
7. What can you infer the family usually does at 2:35?
8. What did the children usually do at 4:30?
9. What is the name of the family that lived in the house?
10. What are some things the house does to try to save itself?
11. What was the last voice to die saying?
bullet Your Activities: Send in your own Comprehension questions! Noemí (Y3, 2005-06) gave an oral presentation on this story and she handed out a copy of a handwritten glossary she made (she forgot to send it in, though!)
The Illustrated Man The Illustrated Man (1951)
General Info External Link
It includes the story: "The Rocket Man" (coming soon)
Farenheit 451 Farenheit 451 (1953)
General Info External Link
audio Fahrenheit 451
External Link read by the author, unabridged!
There is more than one way to burn a book.
If you hide your ignorance, no one will hit you and you'll never learn

Print this excerpt worddoc (3 pages)