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Charles Dickens (UK. 1812-1870)

Dickens 1858

bullet A Tale of Two Cities external link free on-line novel
bullet "Phiz" Illustrations to A Tale of Two Cities external link (1859) From the Victorian Web external link

bullet About the author's life external link
bullet Dickens Fast Facts external link

bullet Dickens & London external link

Interesting questions: what was Dickens's attitude towards the poor?

bullet The Charles Dickens Museum external link (London)

Short Stories at Free On-Line Writing (Unabridged = Authentic!)
Dickens, Charles Three Ghost Stories External Link
Short Stories External Link
The Old Curiosity Shop External Link

This TP webpage was created in 2007 in dedication to Carmen who, since 1994, has been doing some amazing work using literature in the EOI (state-run language schools) EFL classroom, e.g. using A Tale of Two Cities in Y4. You are all welcome to send in your work on Dickens.

Check out the blog project where Carmen contributes, The EOI Goya Inglés Reading Club External Link
In the 2007-08 course, they are celebrating a contest on The Woman in White, by Wilkie Collins.

The EOI Goya Reading Club