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Emma Donoghue (Dublin, Ireland, 1969; living in Canada)

Emma Donoghue 2013

A warm thank you to Emma Donoghue for her kind replies to my emails! pinkfan








Listen! Listen to the Tale of the Voice, in Kissing the Witch. Old Tales n New Skins (1999)

Written in celebration and conmemoration of March 8, 2020!

Download (pdf 10 pages) the learning pack based on "The Tale of the Voice"!




Room, by Emma DonoghueRoom, a novel

Here is the resource blog where you can post on questions on the following worksheet:

Download (6 pages) my learning pack based on Room

For my C1.2’s. If you can overcome an adult’s reluctance to walk in a 5-year-old’s shoes, viewing the world differently, not understanding things in her or his usual way, you will be able to enjoy a true literature masterpiece.

Literature (meaningful literature, like this work) is a great source to learn about our being human, the prevailing world society and culture constructs, and our true potential, what we can actually be and become.

Don’t watch the movie. If you have, try to forget about it as you read. Try to focus totally in what the book offers, an amazing journey of diverse emotions and relevant thoughts. You see, when we watch the movie we see things we interpret which we can't see in the book because there we see through the baby's eyes! This is precisely what happens with Markus Zusak's The Book Thief, too, and what explains why the book is a much more intense and exciting experience.

Above is some of my work on the novel after reading it. Hope it’s useful!