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June Jordan (USA, Harlem. b. 1936)

June Jordan

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Quotes. June Jordan

And for ourselves, the intrinsic "Purpose" is to reach, and to remember, and to declare our commitment to all the living, without deceit, and without fear, and without reservation. We do what we can. And by doing it, we keep ourselves trusting, which is to say, vulnerable, and more than that, what can anyone ask?

--June Jordan, in a personal letter, 1970

Check out June Jordan's website external link

Read this: Poem About My Rights external link If you like it, I can try to record it for the TP Pod.

Watch a video: Aichlee, a YouTuber, reads one of June Jordan's most famous poems: Reclaim the Night. (In various countries in the world, the feminists organizes Reclaim the Night marches. Here's an example from Australia external link)