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Dorothy Parkers (USA. 1893-1967)

Dorothy Parker  

Here's an interesting writer, probably one of the very first who used the stream-of-consciousness technique (modernist writing). The story, however, is not one of my favorites. I chose it because it's got good language material for English learners! Listen! Listen External Link to the story A Telephone Call at the Talking People Podcast

A Telephone Call worddoc (3 pages) - with notes by michelle
Read the story and also my language notes, which are an example of how to use literature to review some language points and become more fluent and correct while using your English! This story is very useful to review hypothetical language, the language functions "will" has, the modals in general, indirect speech and various verbal phrases. Feel free to comment here and pose your questions on the TP forums.
More about Using Literature to learn English at the TP section How to Learn, especially here.

Listen to her poem Listen! "Resumé" (this means "Currículo" in US American English), and if you like it, check out for more poems recorded by her here External Link

Are you planning to visit NYC?
Check out this website, to learn about Dorothy Parker's New York! External Link

Dorothy Parker, 1941 Photo by Associate Press, 1941

Dorothy Parker's poem "Inscription for the ceiling of a bedroom" read by its author!, accompanied by a musical photo montage.

More YouTube videos... with poems and I think they're from a movie... (I'll check that and come back here some day! hahahah)